Hamilton Grammar School



At Hamilton Grammar we have a large number of pupils who apply to UCAS every session. Our young people are supported in every step of the process to give them the greatest chance of success. Everyone who is planning on applying should already be part of the google classroom where important announcements and resources are posted. There is even a step by step guide on applying to UCAS that pupils can use if they are unsure of any sections. If they are not part of this classroom, they should see Mr Dyett to get the joining code. In addition to this, pupils can use their Skills Academy period on a Wednesday to work on their application.

Furthermore, speakers from local universities also visit our UCAS cohort to talk to them about considerations they should make when applying and choosing courses.

Pupils are asked to follow the UCAS calendar in order to get their application sent away in time, as well as spread workload out over the term and not clash with Prelims.


The UCAS calendar can be found here.

The presentation that Mr Dyett used with parents' at our UCAS information event, which contains updated information from Glasgow University can be found here.

Other Useful Links

Building an effective personal statement - https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate/applying-university/writing-personal-statement/how-write-personal-statement

Information for parents - https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate/applying-university/ucas-undergraduate-advice-parents-and-guardians