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Welcome to S5/6

Ms Faulkiner - DHT & S5/6 Year Head

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the S5 & S6 webpage!

Here you will find information about the curriculum in S5/S6 and important links if you are pupil, parent, staff member or part of our wider community.

Curriculum & Pathways

At the end of fourth year, pupils are asked to choose 5 subjects which they will continue into fifth year.

The level at which these will be studied will depend on results gained in their previous exams. It is expected that most pupils will also study one wider achievement bundle

In S5 each bundle has a period of Citizenship, involving the Youth Philanthropy Initiative and the SQA Wellbeing award. In S6 Leadership each bundle includes one period the SQA Leadership Award. Young people will gain an award at National 5 or Higher level depending on the outcome if the internal assessment.

Bundles are designed to help with the development of specific technical or professional skills for certain types of jobs or occupation and training in general skills and aptitudes relating to an industry. Click here to see the Wider Achievement options booklet.


There is a broad range of options allowing progression beyond Fourth Year. These options lead to qualifications known as National Qualifications, which will be available at up to five levels.

The levels are:

  • National 3 (for a limited number of pupils)
  • National 4 (for those with a National 3 Award)
  • National 5 (for those with a National 4 Award)
  • Higher (for those with a good National 5 Award)
  • Advanced Higher (for those in S6 with a Higher Award)
  • Scottish Baccalaureate (For S6 pupils only)

Each level is designed to encourage progress on to the next, helping pupils get the most out of their education and achieve their potential.

Click on the link below to see the options booklets for each level.

Learner Pathways Information

The courses available each year will depend on the numbers opting for the subject and school staffing levels. The range of courses and levels on offer will be clearly described in the senior option form.


There are also several vocational options that can be taken in conjunction with National Qualifications. The Gradu8 college option is equivalent to National 5. A Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) is equivalent to a Higher. Click here to see further information about vocational courses.


Some pupils will follow several courses at Higher level, some at National 4 or National 5 level, and many will study a mixture of Higher and National levels. S6 pupils also have the opportunity to study subjects at Advanced Higher level, having achieved a good grade in the equivalent Higher qualification. The advice of Pupil Support Staff and Mr Heeps is important in making sure that each pupil chooses what is most suited to their abilities.

Pupil Support

Pupil Support staff details for S5 and S6 are shown below. Please contact your son or daughter’s Pupil Support Principal Teacher if you have an enquiry about their education or welfare.

Registration Class/House Pupil Support Teacher Contact
5A1, 6A1 - Avon Mrs G Buchanan gw17buchanangayle@glow.sch.uk
5B1, 6B1, 6B2 - Brandon Mrs SJ Sanderson gw10sandersonsarah@glow.sch.uk
6B3 - Brandon Mrs C Walker gw11walkercaroline@glow.sch.uk
5C1, 6C1, 6C2 - Cadzow  Miss M McGregor gw22mcgregormari@glow.sch.uk
5D1, 6D1 - Douglas Miss E Higgins gw13higginselizabeth@glow.sch.uk
5F1, 5F2, 6F1 - Forsyth Mrs D Costello gw10costellodonna@glow.sch.uk
5F3 - Forsyth Mrs C Walker gw11walkercaroline@glow.sch.uk
5W1, 6W2 - Wilson Mrs T Arrenberg gw07arrenbergtracy@glow.sch.uk
6W1 - Wilson Miss M Morton gw07mortonmoira@glow.sch.uk

Important Information

  • Following our S5/6 Information Event, the slides and content can be viewed in the document below.

S5/6 Information Event - 13/10/22

  • Our S5/6 Parents Evening takes place on Wednesday 16th November. The documents below contain information on the event and a guide to help book appointments.

S5/6 Parents Evening Letter November '22

S5/6 Parents Evening Guide


All of our S5/6 news can be found below.