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Welcome to S3

Miss Aitken - DHT & S3 Year Head

Hello and welcome to our S3 webpage!

I am Miss Aitken the S3 Year Head and this is where I will get the opportunity to keep pupils, parents and the wider community updated with developments throughout the year. 

With S3 being an important year, where our pupils will make option choices for their journey through the Senior Phase, I shall endeavour to use this page as somewhere I can communicate information that will support their choices.

Curriculum & Pathways

I am delighted to report the excellent start made by our S3 pupils, who are now well on their way through the final year of the Broad General Education Curriculum. 

Whilst still studying a wide range subjects, moving from S2 into S3 has provided them with the opportunity for personalisation and choice in their timetable. All pupils still study at least one subject from each of the curricular areas (Maths, English, Science, Social Subjects, Languages, Performing Arts, ICT, Health and Wellbeing and Design), however this is now supplemented by an additional 3 subjects of their choosing, as well as a wider achievement choice.

As they move into S4 and the Senior Phase, pupils will have the opportunity to tailor their subjects further. As pupils progress to S4, they will choose subjects and complete assessments at the following levels:

  • National 3 (for a limited number of pupils)
  • National 4 (for those with a National 3 Award)
  • National 5 (for those with a National 4 Award)

The most recent options form for pupils moving from S3 to S4 can be viewed on the Learner Pathways page.

S3 into S4 Learner Pathways documents

As a school we will ensure that we support our pupils throughout this process so that they make the correct, and best informed choices. This will allow them to fulfil their potential and make sure that they are best equipped for their desired leavers destination, when that time comes.

All pupils will receive input from their Pupil Support Teacher, as well as our Careers Advisor, to make sure that they are well informed as they move into the Senior Phase.

I am also delighted that we will once again be able offer an information evening for parents so that they too are familiar with the options process.

Pupil Support

If you have any questions or need any support with regards to your child’s education or welfare, their Pupil Support Teacher (below) will be happy to help.

Registration Class/House Pupil Support Teacher Contact
3A1 - Avon Mrs G Buchanan gw17buchanangayle@glow.sch.uk
3B1 - Brandon Mrs SJ Sanderson gw10sandersonsarah@glow.sch.uk
3B2 - Brandon Mrs SJ Sanderson gw10sandersonsarah@glow.sch.uk
3B3 - Brandon Mrs C Walker gw11walkercaroline@glow.sch.uk
3C1 - Cadzow Miss M McGregor gw22mcgregormari@glow.sch.uk
3C2 - Cadzow Miss M McGregor gw22mcgregormari@glow.sch.uk
3D1 - Douglas Miss E Higgins gw13higginselizabeth@glow.sch.uk
3F1 - Forsyth Mrs D Costello gw10costellodonna@glow.sch.uk
3W1 - Wilson Mrs T Arrenberg



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