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At Hamilton Grammar School, we are focused on enabling our young people to progress to positive destinations and work in partnership with our careers advisor, to ensure pupils are aware of opportunities that suit their interests and skills. 

As Hamilton Grammar School leavers prepare to take that first step towards their career goals and ambitions it is important for them to know that planning a career is a life-long learning process that requires making innumerable decisions in response to planned and sometimes unplanned events. 

Plan A & Plan B

As a Careers adviser I encourage every pupil to explore their own possible futures and I help pupils to understand that there are many different routes and pathways to increase the likelihood of achieving their career goals and ambitions.

Having a Plan A and Plan B provides a safety net for any unexpected results, positive and negative. Pupils in Hamilton Grammar School will be aware that having a Plan A and Plan B is a good life lesson to learn as we can never be completely certain of the career path we eventually take however, we can take steps to ensure that we have taken action to gain the skills, strengths, experiences and qualifications that will secure an opportunity when it arises. We prepare them to use career management skills, visually represented by the jigsaw.

Plan A

Plan B

University Degree

College HNC/D

College HNC/D

College NC Level 6

College NC Level 6

College NC Level 5

University Degree

Graduate Apprenticeship

College HNC/D

Graduate or Modern Apprenticeship

College NC

Modern Apprenticeship

College Course

Employability Programme

All of the above
















Developing the Young Workforce

As well as having access to Skills Development Scotland’s award-winning careers information, advice and guidance service, face to face and online My World of Work every school has a Developing the Young Workforce co-ordinator and in Hamilton Grammar school we work with Miss Horn and Pupil Support.

Work Based Learning

More than ever, there are lots of amazing Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships out there for our young people to explore. You can find out more information here. Every apprenticeship opportunity is a full-time job with a wage and qualification opportunity to work towards an NC, an HNC at college or a Degree programme at university.

 Careers Service Review

Work is about to change forever. In fact, the change has already begun. What are these changes, how do we respond and what will it mean for future generations? Find out!



A group of 80 young people have been involved in a review of careers services in Scotland.



Good Luck to all our leavers for 2022 and remember…. keep building, skills, strengths, experiences and qualifications to help you secure your best possible future.

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Email - donna.benedetti@sds.co.uk in school.

Our post school staff are based in Hamilton Office on  01698 477120.