Hamilton Grammar School

Parent Council AGM

Parent Council AGM

Please see the message below from our Parent Council.

Dear Parent/Carer & HGS Staff


You are invited to join us at our AGM, which takes place on Tuesday 30th May in the schools Meeting Room at 6.30pm.

All of our Office Bearers step down from their current positions, and will either be re-elected or new members elected to take on a post.


Roles and Responsibilities

Chair - Will lead the meeting by directing the groups activities and guide committee meetings. Prepare agenda, guide conduct of meetings, welcome new members and introduce guests, know and understand the constitution, Prevent anyone taking over/dominating discussions, get through agenda on time, sum up problems, points,decisions, ensure decisions are carried out, delegate tasks, represent PC to the outside world.


Vice Chair - Assumes the role and responsibilities of the Chair in their absence.


Secretary - Taking minutes and passing to the Chair to check before circulating. Organising paperwork and correspondence, distributing information to members, and keeping members updated about future meeting dates and events. Prepare agenda with Chair, may attend HT pre-meet with Chair, send notice of meeting to all members so they receive at least a week (pref 2wks) before. Meetings should be held same day and place every 6-8 wks, keep a complete & approved set of minutes, attend to all incoming and outgoing correspondence, make phone calls and gather information, keep diary of upcoming events, keep a record of all attendees and apologies of absence, at meeting read out apologies, previous minutes unless been sent out beforehand and all correspondence  and report any action taken. Ensure Chair has all papers/information relevant to the meeting. Post on Social Media.


Treasurer -  Looks after the PC income and expenditure by keeping finances up to date and keeping track of receipts and bank statements and compiling financial reports. The Treasurer is responsible for budgeting and preparing annual financial accounts that must be checked by an independent person. Operate clear and accurate book-keeping system and is able to handle figures. Be responsible for proper handling of the finance of the organisation, but not the actual raising of money. Be one of three (3) office bearers of the committee authorised to withdraw money.  At AGM prepare a financial statement for audit prior toAGM, present balance sheet and financial statement at the AGM after they have received audited accounts.


Committee Members - should attend meetings regularly and punctually, Arrive with agenda and relevant papers, stick to the agenda, work as a team, support and encourage quieter members, Discourage domination  by one or few, Take action on tasks identified on previous minutes, vote on issues, Assist with projects, fundraising etc, Aim towards constructive discussion and decisions, Stick to decisions of the group and encourage membership.


If you are interested in any of the Office Bearer posts please let us know by emailing us at hgs.parentcouncil@gmail.com


Please support your school Parent Council.


H Battersby-Sword


Hamilton Grammar School Parent Council