Hamilton Grammar School

HGS Vaccinations

Hamilton Grammar Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations catch-up

The vaccination team will return on Monday 23rd January for pupils who did not receive their flu vaccination on the last visit in December. The team have informed us that they have all of the relevant consent forms.

HPV Vaccinations

All pupils in Scotland are offered an HPV vaccination. This now involves one dose, administered when pupils are in S1.

S1 pupils were issued with vaccination consent forms this week. Please ensure that pupils return these forms to the school office no later than Wednesday 18th January.

The HPV vaccinations will take place on Tuesday 7th February for S1 pupils and for ‘catch-up’ pupils in other year groups. We have not been provided with the names of the catch-up pupils.


For any enquiries about the flu or HPV vaccinations please call the lead nurse, Carol Anne Hammond, on 07966 296 146