Hamilton Grammar School

A Message from Miss Brien S1 Year Head

A Message from Miss Brien - S1 Year Head

It just seems like yesterday when the P7s became S1’s in August. Time certainly does fly especially now they have just started second year this week.

S2 pupils will receive their full S1 report tomorrow (19th May).  This report will identify the next steps in learning as they progress through S2.  A parental summary / feedback link / google form for your child’s report is also attached for completion (see below).


Now the pupils have moved into second year there are a few changes:

1) They now have a new year head (Mr Heeps) who will follow them through their schooling until they leave.


A big thank you for your great support and to my wonderful S1 year group, and I wish them all the best for S2.


Please complete the parental questionnaire for your child’s S1(new S2) full report:

Click here to access questionnaire