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Social Subjects

Social Subjects

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Subjects

The Social Subjects Faculty is made up of Geography, History, Modern Studies, RMPS and Politics.

Social Subjects are all about people - their past, present and future. 

Pupils will discuss, investigate, analyse and evaluate topics and issues. Pupils are given the opportunity to study the physical world and the world that human beings have created for themselves. Pupils will produce posters, board games, role plays, source analysis and perform extended writing.

Social Subjects don’t offer straightforwardly ‘right’ answers but they do require students to respond to important questions about things that really matter and will never date. It's no surprise that our subjects are popular with employers: the transferable skills social subjects teach are well known and very much in demand.

We take every opportunity to broaden students' horizons by taking them out of the classroom. In the past this has involved trips to Edinburgh, Bannockburn, WW1 Battlefields, Paris, Barcelona & USA.

our staff

Mrs L. Anderson (Faculty Head) - Geography Mr G. Leitch - Modern Studies/Politics
Mrs G. Buchanan (PT Pupil Support) - Geography Mrs J. Magee - History
Mrs D. Cassidy (DHT) - Geography Ms K. Mavor - Geography
Ms A. Doyle - Geography Mrs S. Montgomery - Geography
Miss E. Higgins (PT Pupil Support) - History Ms L. Robertson - Geography
Mrs K. Faichney - RMPS Ms G. Shevlin - History/RMPS
Mr A. Greenlay - Modern Studies/Politics Mr C. Winn - History
Ms M. Kane - Modern Studies

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