Hamilton Grammar School

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Welcome to the Faculty of Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Faculty is made up of the Drama Department and Music Department

The Performing Arts Faculty strive to lead engaging and inspiring learning in both Music and Drama.

Live performance is at the core of both subjects, and we seek to motivate our pupils to achieve their full potential at all times.  

Drama focuses of teaching skills for the stage, exploring a variety of real word issues and genres while building confidence and working as a team.

Music focuses on developing instrumental skills, learning to compose/arrange music and developing a wide variety of listening skills.

Drama Music
Miss Allan Mr Crawford (Faculty Head)

Mrs Arrenberg (PT Pupil Support)

Mrs Anderson
Miss Burns Mrs MacLeod
Mrs Flynn Mrs Sanderson (PT Pupil Support)
Mrs Houston Mrs Thompson
Mrs Scaramuzzi Mrs Toryusen

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