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Welcome to the Faculty of ICT

The ICT Faculty is made up of the Business Education Department and Computing Science Department.

In our faculty we aim to engage and inspire pupils in our subject with pupils focussing on the development of the following skills.

  • Character
  • Communication
  • Citizenship
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

In S1 to 3 pupils complete Broad General Education courses where we focus on the development of pupil’s Digital Literacy skills as well as completing topics which give them a flavour of disciplines such as Accounting, Administration & IT, Business Management, Computing Science.

In the Senior Phase, pupils have the opportunity to continue the subjects they have experienced in the BGE, as well as the addition of Economics in S6.

our staff

Business Education Computing Science
Mrs Brown Mr Arthur (Faculty Head)
Mrs Dyett Mr Boyd
Mrs Farrell

Mr Johnston

Mr Graham

Mr MacLeod (DHT)

Mr McGowan

Mr Rose

Mrs McGregor (PT pupil Support)



In S1, pupils receive one period of ICT each week. In S1 ICT we build pupils confidence in using Digital Technologies with pupils working independently and collaboratively to develop their skills. The S1 course covers the following topics.

  • Digital Literacy
  • Blogging
  • Internet Safety
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Google Slides Group Presentation
  • Enterprise Project
  • Computer Animation

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