Hamilton Grammar School


Extra Curricular Opportunities

We have a wide range of SCHOOL CLUBS on offer at Hamilton Grammar during lunchtimes and after-school, most of which are free or at low cost. These clubs are a valuable resource for our young people, inspiring new interests and providing accessible experiences to them.

A list of clubs can be viewed here.

June Activity Days

At the end of every school year we have a wide range of ACTIVITY REWARD DAYS. Some of these are free and others have a cost.  Some financial help may be available for those pupils who are entitled. If you wish to seek financial support please contact your child’s Pupil Support teacher.



We have many EXCURSIONS and SCHOOL TRIPS across the school year which enhance the learning experience for pupils and helps them feel part of the wider school community. Funds may also be available for those entitled, please contact your Pupil Support teacher to see if financial assistance is available.


To view some of our school trips, please visit the Galleries section of the website.