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Cost of the School Day

Cost of the School Day

At Hamilton Grammar School we are fully aware of the difficulties facing our families, and are proactive in providing supports to help with the Cost of the School Day.

Families in Scotland are under increasing financial pressure, almost one in four children struggle to meet the costs associated with sending children to school. 

Addressing the Cost of the School Day can remove barriers to participation and allow equal access to education for all young people in schools across Scotland. Cost of the school day addresses funding advice for: uniform, transport, learning equipment at home, food in and out of school and events and school trips.


At Hamilton Grammar School we wish to remove the stigma surrounding poverty. Our objectives are to Get It Right For Every Child, for our young people to have access to the full school experience and encourage them to take advantage of financial supports they are entitled to.

Poverty can have a ferocious and long-lasting effect on children’s health, well-being and educational attainment.

Mental, emotional, social and physical well-being are essential for successful learning. However, food insecurity, housing problems and financial stress and worry all contribute to poorer health.

As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and deal with various issues contributing to the Cost of Living, more and more children from low income households are attending Hamilton Grammar and are faced with challenges around the Cost of the School Day.

It is our role to support our learning community at Hamilton Grammar. Attainment at school is strongly linked to future employment prospects and education can offer a route out of poverty for many young people.


When school costs are addressed and barriers to participation are removed, children and young people, regardless of their income and ability to pay, are able to: 

  • Achieve their full potential at school without financial barriers standing in their way.
  • Feel respected and safe at school.
  • Feel included in all aspects of school life.
  • Be healthy, active and nurtured through participation in educational experiences.


At Hamilton Grammar we offer support and advice on a number of different issues. Click on the images links below to access further information on the key supports we have in place.

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