Hamilton Grammar School


Having due regard for
the feelings, wishes,
or rights of others


The action or state
of being included
within a group


The state of being equal,
especially in status, rights,
or opportunities


The state or quality
of being dedicated to a cause,
activity or organisation


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I am delighted to welcome you to Hamilton Grammar School.

Our aim at Hamilton Grammar is to work collaboratively with our stakeholders and partners to be the progressive and innovative focal point of our community. We are committed to developing our professional learning in order to meet the evolving challenges of school life in the 21st century and improve our level of service year on year to support our learners and families. We seek to do this in line with the school values of respect, inclusion, equality and commitment in order to maintain our well-established school traditions and reputation. Ultimately, we seek to provide a stable, caring and challenging environment in which our young people and staff can grow and thrive.
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We are very proud of our
1324 students


  • Avon House

  • Brandon House

  • Cadzow House

  • Douglas House

  • Forsyth House

  • Wilson House