Day 6 – 28th June

29th June 2019 Off By Mr Casey


This morning I woke up with a feeling of excitement mixed with a little sadness. Excitement as we had lots planned but sad as it was our finally day at a place we had gotten to know so well. The morning started as usual with breakfast at 7:30. I wasn’t overjoyed with the meal, as a strange tuna sandwich was on the menu, however the heeps of mango that I added to my plate made for a better start to my day. Next we made our way to the school to have our last volunteering session. Olivia, Hannah and I decided to spend our last day with the class of kids we had been helping over the past week. We wanted to help the teacher with his lesson instead of taken on another sports lesson on our own, however this idea didn’t go to plan. With no sports equipment and no sign of the teacher we had to teach the children without a clue of what to do. The children had difficulty understanding the activities we came up with and as a result we couldn’t hold their attention or figure out what they haven’t already been taught. The whole lesson turned into a shambles and had us three in an extremely awkward position. But soon enough the children had a break time and we were able to spend some quality time to talk to the kids we had built relationships with before it was time to do construction. The task of the day for construction was finally adding the bricks we had created during week to the wall around the back of the school. Most of the work had already been finished so I helped plaster the finally brick, which I was grateful for as the sun was shining and the heat was becoming unbearable. It was then almost time for lunch but first we had to carve our names into the wet cement on the wall, to represent the work we had achieved at the school. Lunch was a huge upgraded from breakfast. I loaded my plate with a pile of flavoured rice and slices of orange which in my opinion was delightful. Along with my meal I sipped on a sprite and basked in the cool air the the shade was providing. Next up was the leaving ceremony that the school had prepared for us. The female teachers of the school had made dresses and shirts for us all to wear as we danced with children to the music they had rehearsed. This was a lovely gesture and one that I appreciated dearly as they went out of their way to make something for us to take home. The ceremony was full of thanks to us and to them for allowing us into their school and allowing us to have this experience. Next was the moment I had been dreading as it was time to say goodbye to all the amazing children that I had the pleasure of spending my week with. Not going to lie, I did have a wee cry but rest assured it was tears of joy. When we returned to the volunteer house it was time to prepare for the football match with the local women’s team. I didn’t participate as running, sand and footballs aren’t a great combination for me however, I was in the wing supporting the team and the game finished with a score of 1-1. Heading back from the football game I was eagerly anticipating the drumming lesson that we were going to have before dinner as I was excited to play the instrument that I had heard so often on this trip. The lesson was as entertaining as expected and was a relaxing we to bring in the evening. Dinner was an ever bigger upgrade as I was surprised to learn that it was pizza, salad and pineapple. The meal was one of the best meals we have had on this trip and it was a great way to round of the day before the bonfire. Lastly the staff lighted a bonfire and put on some music which allowed us to spend our last night dancing and having fun with everyone. Personally I feel the trip couldn’t have ended any better and I thoroughly enjoyed my last full day here in Ghana.


Woke up at the usual time today (7:00am) just in time for breakfast at 7:30. We had some tuna sandwiches, bread and mango which was yummy. Sadly, we then headed to Rhema primary school for the last time :(. The children greeted us with loads of hugs and smiles. We headed straight to work and started doing construction which included making loads of bricks. Construction work is honestly so difficult especially in the sun. I knew I should’ve went to the gym🙄. After a lot of sweating and hard work we had our well deserved lunch which was rice with chicken drumsticks and lemons. It was so delicious! It was now time for our leaving ceremony. All the pupils created a big circle and there was drums and dancing. We got told to get up and do the chicken dance but I have to say, i’m not very good at it… we were all given a bracelet as a thank you gift which was a very nice gesture. It was emotional to leave the school and i’ll be honest, I shed a few tears :(. I made some good friends and it was sad to be leaving them. Later on in the day we headed to a high school to watch a football match between our school and the women’s football team in Ghana leaving the score as 1-1. Both teams done very well. Once we got home we had a drumming lesson outside which was really enjoyable. After a long day we had some dinner which was pizza, salad and pineapple which everyone was super excited about. It was so tasty and definitely needed! We sat around a bonfire and played some Ghanian music. Everyone then got up to dance and it was just such an amazing atmosphere. We literally danced all night and it was so much fun. The highlight of my trip! So sad to leave tomorrow but also can’t wait to be home! 🙂


Today we had a very emotional goodbye to all the children and staff at Rhema. Usual breakfast at 7:30 then we set off to our final visit at Rhema. We powered through 4 bags of cement and made our last bricks like the absolute tanks we are. After all our hard work we had rice for lunch which I will 110% not be eating again for a long time, while we were having lunch they set up a goodbye ceremony where we gave all of our donations to the school and received the most precious hand made bracelets. They played the drums and we done the chicken dance for the last time still looking like idiots. As hard as we tried myself Becca d and Hannah p had a greet. After saying our final goodbyes we went back to the volunteer house to get ready to play the girls football team in which we (not me) drew 1-1. All sweaty we arrived back and I had my last ever cold shower getting ready for our drumming lesson which to be fair I was class at. After dinner we danced around the bonfire with the locals and discovered a new side of Daniya , she’s some groover. We even stayed up past half ten which was quite mental. I will miss Ghana very much 🙁

Hannah C

Woke up, another 6:30 early start. Feeling tired from staying up late due to the power cut. However the stars we saw last night due the power cut were breathtaking. I can also leave happy after finally seeing a shooting star last night. Breakfast was again the tuna toastie made with sweet bread (a strange combination but strangely nice) and more delicious fruit that I’m definitely going to miss when I’m back home. Headed of in the bus for the last day at the school. We were greeted, as always, by the happy faces of the school kids. Our first task was to move the bricks from the front of the school to the back where the wall would be built. Those bricks were heavier than they looked so Olivia and I team worked it to lift our bricks the the back. Next Olivia, Jaya and I headed to our P4 class to watch the class and help out the teacher where needed. However upon arriving to the class we found they had no teacher and we had no planned lessons. After a minute of panic about what to do we pulled out the maths textbooks and soon the kids were working away. Lesson finished off with a few games of hangman, which I don’t think they were fully understanding but at least the were having some fun.

After a break talking to the kids we moved to construction. Our task was cementing the bricks together. Took me a few attempts but eventually got the hang of it. Doing construction under the blazing sun made it a sweaty task – looking forward to a shower at this point. After finishing we engraved our names into the wall – loved that we’d always be part of the wall.

Lunch was tasty (especially following yesterday’s not so loved yams and fish stew) and definitely well needed after construction. It consisted of rice, chicken drumsticks, this lovely red sauce and some orange slices. After lunch the girls went to the school office where we were gifted beautiful dresses to wear at the leaving presentation and to take home. Such a lovely gift as they took their own time to make. We were then sat down to watch the leaving presentation – a mix of drumming, dancing and singing to watch until we were eventually brought up to dance as well. Though we were quite uncoordinated and out of time it was a laugh to get up and dance with the kids. After the leaving presentation we had a sad goodbye as we had to leave all the kids, definitely going to miss them.

Back home and after a quick shower we headed off to watch the football game (us against the women’s football team). Though I did not play we had a great time cheering on our team with the game eventually ending in a score of 1 all.

Later on we all got dressed up in our clothes from the seamstress and had our drumming lesson. Another great laugh as we tried to keep in time with each other.

Dinner was pizza, salad and fruit. Definitely one of my favourite dinners of the week. To finish the day and round off the trip we lit the bonfire and spent the next few hours dancing with the girls football team and some of the local kids joining in too. Overall it was a great day. Sad it was our last full day here but definitely one to remember.

Hannah C 🙂