Day 5 – 27th June

28th June 2019 Off By Mr Casey


Efõa! From sunny Woe, after a few days overcast the clouds gave way and the sun came out to play which has given rise to some cracking tan lines. Following the usual formalities: 6.30 rise, fly infested bleakest and cramped bus ride to the school (all of which we’re actually loving in a strange way) we set our sights on today’s volunteering tasks. The bags were dropped at our benches which, of course, were swarmed with children under the age of 7 asking to be lifted. A group of us (Nicole, Dharla, Kate, Kier and Katie) taught a primary 5 class, in which the eldest children were 15, the speed distance and time formula by getting them to run 10 metres, timing them and calculating their speed. They’re teacher mimi is hilarious and very welcoming. We put in a good shift making the bricks and the handshakes with my entourage of 9-11 year olds that cannot pronounce the “r” at the end of my name are progressing nicely (Keea). Lunch was controversial as many of us didn’t take to the yams and when they tasted the fish stew type sauce that came with it they were less than amused. Personally I didn’t see a (taste) problem but in the other group the yams proved that unpopular that Ewan and Lewis had to eat near on 20 of them between the two of them to avoid the food waste. Jaya received offers of a romantic nature from some of the older school pupils in the form of a flower. While she was tempted and considered all the arguments thoroughly, she decided against the proposal (rest easy Elliot). After school we went to a local market (not a touristy one, the actual market the locals use for everyday supplies). It was mobbed. Crammed market stalls, loud vocal advertising and huge squares leading to narrow alleys that were no less busy. We saw women in colourful dresses carrying a shop on their head beside fish salesman putting semi-alive fish in buckets ready to be sold. A few of us purchased Ghanaian football tops for 40 Cedi. Now a few of us are sitting on the porch outside the volunteer house relaxing, laughing and having a good time. Lauren broke a chair. We’re all loving it here so rest easy mum. Nothings went hideously wrong yet although I do appreciate the concern. The sky’s gorgeous and the stars are out. It’s all smiles in Ghana 🙂

Kier x

P.s the moons out too 😉


Hi! So today was our second last day which was again very eventful as usual.

We got up at 7am to get ready for breakfast which was pretty good this morning; we had omelette(which I didn’t eat), bread and mango and omg the fruit here is so nice.

We then made our way to Rema primary school where me and a few girls gave the upper school a sports lesson to which they really enjoyed; they were running about so much even in the roasting heat today. Afterwards, we started making bricks(to my surprise I much enjoyed construction over teaching) although I got distracted with the kids and ended up playing with them sorry to Miss Little hehe but I did help afterwards. We had some lunch which was yam, this tomato sauce and watermelon which wasn’t my favourite meal of the trip but was still quite okay. We then took some pictures with the children and their love for phones is insane-they just all gather around you to take pictures but it’s so nice making some memories with them. I managed to get a picture with my new friend Glozzo who has been following me around for three days he’s so cute.

Once we headed back to the volunteer house we got ready to go to the market in Anloga which was very different to back home. It was extremely busy with loads of different wee industries and I’m not sure if I enjoyed it but I’m glad I went and seen a bit of their culture.

We had some dinner which was so good tonight as it was noodles and this sauce with pineapple and almost everyone had seconds it was that good. We sat outside for ages talking which has been one of my favourite parts of the trip just getting to talk about everyone’s experience as a whole and getting to know my friends better.

We had the first power cut of the trip whilst getting ready for bed which was very scary but being able to see the stars made it better because they were so beautiful and bright.

I’m sad to have my last day at Rema but I know it will be great.


Hi, today I woke up to the roasting hot sun which wasn’t normal compared to the previous days. We all went for breakfast and then got ready for another hard day at the school. At the school we took the primary six’s outside for races with bean bags and batons, fair to say I think they enjoyed it. Later on in the morning we were moulding bricks to put around the perimeter of the school to protect it from the farm land close by. After a long hard graft in the morning we sat down to lunch which was yam and tomato sauce with fish and I must say it wasn’t the tastiest meal of the trip. After lunch we went back out to mould some more bricks before going back to the volunteer house for a nice cold shower before going to the market. Once we got to the market it was very busy and smelt of fish, but that added to the traditional part of the market. When we got back to the volunteer house we sat and waited for dinner to be ready, which was the best dinner yet! We had noodles with a tomato sauce and I must admit I went up for seconds. After dinner we sat around the table chatting about the days gone past and how good an experience this trip has been. While lying in bed about 22:30 we had a power cut which led to Ewan screaming like a little girl because he walked into Lewis. During the power cut everyone went outside for a bit of star gazing where I got my star gazing app out and found Jupiter and saw my two first shooting stars.