Day 5 – 26th June

26th June 2019 Off By Mr Casey

Euan and Kate

After a chill day yesterday we woke up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. Breakfast was an unexpected combination of sausages and mango. After the short bus journey to Woe EP we got to go to church as the children do each week. Here they were learning an interesting song called “Are you washed in the blood?”. This was a great morning where we got to join in and have some fun.

We then went down to the school and went to visit the class we taught yesterday but their teacher was off ill so we organised a mini sports day with sack races, egg and spoon races and then football, there was some cheating but overall it went well and we taught them how to play 11.

We then carried on with making bricks which we’re getting pretty good at!

Then for lunch we had red red with plantain chips before going back to make more bricks and play with the kids.

At 2 we headed back to the volunteer house and got ready to go to Keta beach. It was quite windy but it was beautiful and provided great views. Then after spending some time at the beach we travelled back to chill and get ready for dinner. Hannah blocked her toilet and had to unblock it with her hands so after that traumatic experience we headed for dinner and had potato wedges with salad and lots of mango which was a weird combination but quite nice!

Nothing else planned for this evening, showers then bed to get ready for tomorrow, can’t believe we’re ha,f way through already!


Another day of waking up at 6.30 we quickly got changed and headed for breakfast at 7.30 (a weird combination of mango and sausages, although very tasty). And then we headed over to the school for another day of lessons and construction. As we were approaching the school we heard the pupils singing and the drums playing and as we walked in we saw the entire school gathered under the huge tree in the playground (except for the younger kids who swarmed towards us when we came in.) It was their day of worship and the singing carried on for about an hour. Halfway through a few of the girls started screaming, as if they were being exercised. At first I thought they were hurt then realised it was all part of the routine. Then we split into groups and I was doing construction. We lifted bricks over to the main playground and then started to watch as the African Adventures leaders demonstrated how to build and then we filled in the cracks in the wall with cement. It took a while to get used to doing it and I think we all felt a little pressure as the headteacher was keeping a close eye on us and the school pupils sitting on the wall about 2 metres from where we were working. We then had to get more bricks from round the other side of the school and two boys who were pupils at the school took on the task of shovelling the sand into the buckets (despite our objections and offers to do it.) One 15 year old boy me and Abbie spoke to told us his dream was to move to the UK because he wanted his kids to have an easier life than his, this really made me realise how lucky we are to live in such a developed country. He was really interested in Scotland and the education system and we spent a good hour exchanging information on the differences between the two countries which was really interesting. After having lunch brought to the school we stayed for another hour and left. Before leaving each of us engraved our names in the flag stand we had built which will remain in the school forever. The seamstress came to the volunteer house and everyone chose fabric and a dress design (I asked for a shirt). The woman then took our measurements so she could make them to size. We then went for a trip to the beach which had amazing views and was very relaxing. After we had dinner and then spent the night relaxing by playing cards and talking outside.