Day 4 – 25th June

25th June 2019 Off By Mr Casey


I woke up after a great sleep at 7, I was a lot more tired than yesterday. For breakfast there was some bread and some pancakes with fruit, I had to have a huge coffee to wake me up.

After breakfast we had to rush over to the school across the road and had another warm welcome from all the children. Our group was doing building and we were making cement and then putting it on a wall type thing and then buffing the cement which was oddly really satisfying. The children were swarming us so it was quite hard to work at points but it was okay as they were all so cute.

Our lunch then arrived and we had a stew thing that kind of tasted like stroganoff which I love. There was some rice with it and some little lemons that taste exactly like oranges, they are so nice.

After lunch we played with the children and they were so intrigued by my ankle bracelets and tried to take them off so many times. It was really rainy today after lunch so we had to stay under cover whilst playing so it was a lot more chilled out than the other day.

When we came back to the volunteer house we had some free time and I had a nap which was amazing!

After my nap we had a marriage lesson from someone in the village which was very strange and interesting. Marriage over here is so different to back home it was quite funny at points.

For dinner we had some spring rolls which tasted exactly like the ones from the Chinese back home, salad and watermelon. There was so many mosquitos around the table so we all went in for an early night.


Today was another exhausting but fun day in Woe.

Woken up at 7am for breakfast outside before heading over to Reyma primary school to help with construction. The kids were running out to see us when we arrived, was hella cute.

We used shovels to move sand over to the cement mix, and carried buckets of water over to make the cement for the wall round the school. Was a hard graft but thankfully was not a sunny day so the clouds and occasional rain made it a less sweaty activity.

Had a class lunch once again and then played with the kids drawing shapes on the blackboard. Then headed home for a cold shower before we got a very interesting lesson telling us all about marriage in Ghana, which is awfy different to Scotland for sure.

Dinner has been scranned and time to chill after a long day.


This morning I woke up a little bit disorientated and confused at where I was but as soon as my eyes focused on the mosquito net in front of my face I soon remembered and started to get ready for the day ahead.For breakfast we had pancakes and some fruit which was lovely, then we headed out for the day ahead back to Woe EP.

Before starting our days work we were privileged enough to go and meet the local bishop, she was very welcoming and prayed for us. Then we went back to the school and our welcome was far less hectic than the day before (thankfully) the children were a lot less intense and clearly were just more used to us now. After the children went back to their classes we split up again and my group started with construction, this was easier than the day before as it wasn’t as sunny and a lot less warm so we didn’t get as sweaty then after a while we moved on and went into classes, in our class we did an art class and helped the class learn to draw different facial features which was quite good. We actually took their drawings home and made them into class posters to take back to them tomorrow.

We then left for lunch and had a nice meal during which it started to pour with rain, we ended up not being able to return to the project as the rain was terrible and didn’t stop until after we left which was quite inconvenient to be caught in the rain again. After we got back to the volunteer house we just chilled out got a bit then we got an interesting (to say the least) lesson about marriage in Ghana. After that we just had a very relaxed night and had dinner.