Day 3 – 24th June

25th June 2019 Off By Mr Casey


Our first night in our accommodation was surprisingly nice, however our water did run out the on our arrival. Once we had showered and got ready for the long day ahead, we walked out to get breakfast. It’s safe to say it was slightly unusual. On the table was a brioche like bread, tuna toasties, a mixed salad, and a selection of fresh fruit. After the strange breakfast we split up into 2 groups, one group was going to Woe EP and The other group was going to Rema. It was only a short walk to the school but the heat was already beginning to get to me. The welcome we got as we were walking in was nothing like I expected. Kids were screaming with joy(I hope) as well as bouncing up and down in excitement. The kids flocked to us quickly asking for high fives and fist bumps. We were guided to a classroom and introduced to the headmaster and the teachers, who gave us a warm welcome. The teachers left but we remained in the classroom for quite a while. Everyone was waiting in anticipation as we knew that we were going to witness the welcoming ceremony and take part in the infamous chicken dance. The drumming started. We walked out the classroom and In front of us the pupils of Rema were gathered in a group. Once we were seated in the shade, the ceremony began. Children were singing and dancing and playing the drums. All of them had a smile on there face. They were enjoying it as much as we were. When the ceremony finished we then decided who would be teaching and who would be doing construction work. Miss little, Ewan, Georgia, Lauren. Hannah, Abbie and I were going to be doing construction. The work consisted of carrying buckets of sand and filling a border the length of the school. It wasn’t easy. The blistering heat made everything drastically harder. Each water break was savoured. Once the long border had been filled with sand we had to get water from The well and pour it over the sand. I am proud to announce that Miss Little has discarded my former nickname of The Book Thief(sorry Mr McLean) and has dubbed me ‘Tank of the Trip’. After our lunch break we got to meet the kids formerly and ‘play’ with them. Actually, it was the other way about, they played with us. Tracing any prominent veins, stroking any arm or leg hair, prodding your arms and legs. It was quite overwhelming. We headed back to the accommodation at 2 and were allowed to Freshen up before an Ewe lesson at 3. The lesson was really helpful and helped us get to grips with the basics of the language. Once the lesson was over and the both groups had joined together we walked to St. Paul’s lighthouse. The view from the top was stunning. Yet shocking. Ahead of us the beach and the ocean, to the left and right trees went as far as the eye could see. But behind us has a sandy road and houses with crumbling walls and corrugated iron roofs. Once everyone had seen the amazing view from the top, half of the group got on the bus and the rest of us waited. While we were waiting we walked to the beach to get some Photos. However looming over us was a cloud as black as coal. After a quick group photo.

The black cloud exploded and with a strong gust of wind the heavens opened and it rained like never before. We ran to get shelter as the sand was getting blown about so fast that it hurt our sun kissed skin. We were relieved when the bus arrived. The relief was short lived. Above where I strategically placed myself was a hole. Every little bump or jerk and I would be given a shower. It was a very bumpy road. We arrived back at the accommodation and I went for a shower (a real one this time). For dinner they had salad, fruit and chips. I’ve really enjoyed Ghana so far and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring.

Sophie and Nicole

Hey it’s Sophie and Nicole,

After waking up to Mr Casey banging at the door at 6.15 (we weren’t impressed btw). We dragged our selfs out of bed to go and ‘enjoy’ a different breakfast to what we are used to, it definitely wasn’t our usual fry up let’s put it that way. We then made our way to WOE EP the school we are spending our week at. After being introduced to the head teacher we were greeted by the pupils to the sound of drums and dancing, including the chicken dance. We all got a chance to spend time with the kids, getting to learn their handshakes and dances. Although they were more obsessed with our phones than being in class.

Then we split up into two groups, one group then went to the construction area first and the other went to the classrooms to observe the lessons. We were part of the construction group first, which was definitely hard work. Although they definitely look very sturdy.

After a gruelling few hours of work, we then had our lunch break. The food was really good but the amount of flys definitely got in the way.

We then went to observe the classrooms, which gave us a real understanding of how the schooling system worked and will help us in delivering our own lessons later in the week.

Back at the our accommodation, we had an ewe lesson before heading to the lighthouse. Which we then proceeded to climb up, which was pretty terrifying. We then headed to the beech, where we quickly took a photo and then had to run back to shelter as we could tell it was about to pour down. We managed to get under the shelter before it started ‘chucking it down’. We proceeded to wait for the bus hoping it would stop, however as we were waiting the ground around us started to flood. So, as the bus pulled up, the shoes came off and we ran to the bus. Fair to say we got pretty soaked.

Back at the accommodation we quickly ate our dinner (chips and salad) and then took our showers.

Well, let’s hope the next few days will be just as eventful as this one.

Footnote from Mr C – I don’t know what 6:15am even looks like!!