Day 2 – 23rd June

24th June 2019 Off By Mr Casey


‘Waking up’ after our first chilly sleepless night we had our first Ghanaian meal. Breakfast was very varied with a salad of onions green beans and carrot, sweet pancakes, mango, watermelon, pineapple and coffee. Still adjusting to the very humid climate I felt like I was fuelling a volcano with hot coffee, however useful to wake up my zombie self. Setting of to the mall in the bus gave me a real insight into what city life is like her in Ghana, huge slums and the endless stalls people make a ‘living’ from. Arriving at the mall and accessing the withdrawal machines was hectic, never mind the fact my pin was incorrect(Mum and Dad!! Were you trying to abandon me? :)) Penniless in Ghana. Mr Casey thankfully withdrew more money from his own credit card for me, (we owe him £78 please bring it when picking me up) My first shopping trip was surreal due to roughly 6.5 Cedi to one pound, everything seemed extortionate! £144 Cedi was roughly £20 thankfully as I was spending Mr Casey’s money :/ :). Departing from the mall (the last time I looked in a mirror) the scenery was spectacular and I learned how flat Ghana is, you can see for miles! The wind from the speedy mini bus kept me cool as I enjoy the views. Arriving at the volunteer house we had an orientation informing us about our accommodation and Woe then ate our first dinner. After our red red (bean stew) we walked down to the lagoon which was vast and calm. And not long later I had my first full nights sleep in two days 🙂 Here’s to more amazing days and sleeping like a baby after our volunteering 🙂

Ewan McI

After a very cold and restless night we woke up and headed outside for breakfast. Once breakfast was finished we had some time to pack our bags and get ready to head to the Mall, when we arrived at the mall we withdrew some money from the cash machines and then went to a shop to buy some food and drinks. We then went back to the bus to continue our journey to Woe; after the long 4 and a bit hour bus journey we arrived at our accommodation and unpacked our cases. We then went on a walk to the lagoon before having dinner. After dinner another group of people were having their leaving ceremony however we just went to our beds as we were tired from a long day of travelling.


After a very sleepless night, we began our first proper day in Ghana. We started to travel to Woe from Accra in a small school bus which was very cramped and stuffy. While travelling through the city people waved to us through the windows and shouted “Yevu” which means “white person” in the Ewe language which is spoken throughout Ghana. The city was full of people in bright and colourful clothes, all sitting outside their shops selling things like street foods and souvenirs.

Before leaving the city we stopped at the Accra mall to lift our money and go into the supermarket to get snacks for the 3 hour trip ahead. Throughout the bus journey I kept going to sleep and hitting Hannah with my head as the bus moved.

When we arrived at the volunteer house in Woe, we were greeted by many local children who were more than happy to see us. Once in the volunteer house Bright gave us a short orientation about the culture, languages and religions in Ghana. After the orientation, we were allowed to pick our rooms, Katie, Neve, Hannah and I all managed to get a room together so we unpacked our suitcases and made up our beds.

After everyone got settled into their rooms Bright led us on a walk to the harbour on the lagoon. Everyone got pictures of the low sitting sun over the water and we watched the fishermen in their canoes on the water as the sky developed a pinkish hue.

Once I returned to the volunteer house I had to use the tap to have a shower because the water supply had broken, played a game of Uno with my friends and then climbed (with great difficulty) into my top bunk bed ready to go to sleep.