Day 1 – 22nd June

23rd June 2019 Off By Mr Casey

Hannah P

Hi guys it’s Hannah. After hardly getting any sleep the night before due to being too excited, I was a very sleepy girl at Glasgow airport. The full family had to obviously come to the airport and off we went on our adventure. The flight to Amsterdam was brilliant as I slept the full way using Kier’s shoulder as a pillow. After a quick McDonald’s, we got on the plane to Accra and I was sat next to a very lovely Ghanaian. Watching ‘A star is born’ on the plane was a very bad idea as I sat crying away whilst the man next to me was very confused. We arrived in Accra Airport and due to being so tired Jaya and I found every single little thing funny even though none of it was. Once we got through customs in Accra (trust me to have to get my fingers printed at the airport *Miss Lil’ decided that it was because I looked too dodgy*) we got on our very very very warm bus heading to the hotel for the night. The rain started very heavily whilst the majority of us sang along to Mamma Mia and we reached our hotel. As we got into our pyjamas and sneaked under our mosquito nets heading to sleep after a very long (but fun) day. Never did I ever think I would say in Ghana that it was ‘too cold’. I looked at my phone and it was 3am, everyone in the room was shivering and still awake due to the air conditioning being so cold. We quickly turned it off and I sneaked into Neve’s little bunk and we cuddled to heat ourselves up until we fell asleep. I am very excited about what the next week will bring 🙂 Shoutout to everyone back home, missing you all lots (especially Jessica)


An 8 o’clock meet at Glasgow airport, or 8:10 for Captain McIntosh, and we were headed off to Schipol. After munching on some noodles or McDonald’s, we headed for the second of our departures, this one being a lot longer, but was joyfully filled with movies and naps; then to top it all off, finding out that Memphis Depay was on the plane!!!! Once we had arrived at the newly built and thankfully well air conditioned airport we had a long wait through customs before being let loose in Ghana. We had lost all hope of meeting Memphis but after scouring the whole baggage collection area, we spotted him chilling with his entourage. Once we had gotten through we approached him and his friends and asked for a picture, his friend Leroy Fer (also a footballer) was not impressed that we weren’t interested in talking to him. We then all set off, desperate to see what this mysterious country would have to offer, only to be hit by a brick wall of heat. We met the African Adventures Team and felt welcomed by everyone’s warm smiles, only to feel even warmer from the all the body heat created on the roasting, clammy bus. Then a bus journey, that personally I can’t remember having had my eyes shut most of the way due to the tiring day of travelling. Finally arriving at the accommodation in the torrential rain, making us feel very at home, we were sorted into our rooms by our new friends, as well as being taught some useful Ghanaian phrases. A successful first day but it can only get better from here 😉

Jamie C

After waking up at 6am, I didn’t know what I was feeling, mostly tired. After a warm cup of tea and an amazing piece and sausage, I quickly got ready for the 8 o’clock meet up. Having to say goodbye to my dog and my siblings, I knew what I was feeling. Some nerves, dread and a little bit of excitement for the unknown. After a quick stop at ASDA to get last minute supplies, my parents and I headed off to Glasgow airport. After spending 10 minutes trying to find a parking space, we eventually headed to the meeting point. Of course, my mum had to take pictures of me in my sparkly hoodie (which I look at state in with my slept in French plaits) and so she could get a last goodbye. We then checked in (which I struggled with as I couldn’t get the suitcase to get in the ramp) and then headed up to security. Of course, my carry-on got sent to the side and had to be swapped, but it came back all clear. And so, we had a little break where we could walk around the busy airport for 45 minutes before we headed to our gate, so I bought a ham and cheese sandwich and read ‘Jane Eyre’ until time was up. We then rushed ahead (I was much farther from everyone and got a little bit of a warning off of Mr Casey) and border our flight. I don’t remember much of the first flight because I fell asleep. Schipol was one of the biggest airport I’ve ever been to, and got lost because Mr Casey sent some of us the wrong way when we were looking for a McDonald’s!!! Eventually we found it and when I tried to buy a Big Mac meal (which was an extortionate €9.99!) my travel card didn’t work, luckily I had my bank card with me so I got me meal (YAY!). I had to quickly eat it though so I could make the meet-up time. Once we found Lauren, Sophie and Georgia we headed to our connecting flight. It was 6 hours which I filled with The Help, The Fault in our Stars and 90% of Murder on the Orient Express. I also became a pen dealer as I lent random strangers my pens (got them all back though). I got quite ill leaving the plane but it calmed down over time. We met Memphis at the airport. Once we got our luggage we headed to the bus where we first met Bright and Stefan from African Adventures. We all hurried to the bus and as we left the airport we even saw a plane that was also a restaurant. It served Chinese, continental and Ghanaian dishes (weirdly specific) and seemed pretty cool. I ended up falling asleep on the bus and then woke up at our accommodation. When we went inside we sat down on the owner’s couch (while being stared at by a weird straw statue) and then we all separated to our rooms. Thanks to Mr Connolly and Mr Casey, our room was chilly baltic because the air on was set too low and we didn’t have the remote to fix it (we later found the switch to turn it off, whoops). So after quite a few laughs, we fell asleep (and kept waking up). All in all I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week entails.