Day 9 – Rachel N & KG

2nd July 2017 Off By Mr Casey

Saturday morning, got a cheeky wee lie in. We showered, attempting to get rid of the left-over sand, got rid of the empty bottles and gave the rooms a good clean; the staff had been so good to us all week, we wanted to make their job of setting up for the next volunteers as easy as possible. We gathered all of the items we wanted to donate and separated them into different piles. Some of the staff noticed the donations while we were packing them and the smile on their faces are ones we can never forget. Ross had left over Scottish flags so we each signed a flag and wrote a personal message giving individual flags to every member of staff.

We quickly had lunch, knowing that we were about to have an emotional leaving ceremony with all of the kind staff and all of the loving and banterful children that we had met throughout the week. (Even although there was a language barrier with some-haha). Everyone gathered round the table as we were each presented with a certificate and a scarf saying – Rachel Naylor, TYSGI Volunteer, June 2017. Kirsty Louise Gibbons, TYSGI Volunteer, June 2017. The teachers were each presented with a special gift including one for the entire school. Noah and Siva gave heart-touching speeches which brought tears to many eyes. Followed by Ross – EVERYONE IS GETTING A TATTOO!! This meant it was time for photos both group and individual ones while the kids began to carry our cases to the bus which meant we knew it was sadly coming to an end.

As one of the girls from the community that I had bonded with clung to my arm and placed her head on my shoulder, we all trailed to the bus. As I turned round to have one last look at the rest of the children, I noticed that Kirsty couldn’t face saying goodbye to her two wee bros (A&W). They handed her a note which she couldn’t bring herself to read so she pulled them in and said her last goodbye. As she walked away, all she could see was their tear-filled eyes and hear their sniffles . We both got onto the bus as I watched A wave and W stare at me in sadness. I turned to see Rachel glaring out the side window in distraught as we waved to the children for the last time. As we drove away, the children became small spots in the distance. We have created friendships that we will treasure forever.

After the 3 hour bumpy, chaotic bus journey, we ate some fatty food and eventually made it to the airport. As we rapidly got out of the bus, we all grouped to say our final goodbyes to Noah, Paul, Livingstone and Ben. The most amazing and light-spirited guides that anyone could ask for.

As the buses began to drive away, Mr Casey shouted to Josh “WHERE IS THE DRUM?” (His present from TYSGI), Josh turned in panic “It’s on the bus!!” (The bus was driving away ) So, Miss Little ran after the bus but Ben managed to save the day and was already on the case. What a hero, don’t worry we got it back. Mr Casey = Not raging. Everything is going smoothly, we are ready to go until the screening for ebola… Jambo has malaria. Not really, lol. All is good . A plane journey later and we are almost back in the U.K, yet still covered in sand!!

We were emotionally, physically & mentally challenged throughout the week. Overwhelmed is an understatement. We are so blessed. Thank you Siva and the The Young Shall Grow International. In Ghana, we don’t say goodbye, we say see you soon.