Day 8 – Usman

1st July 2017 Off By Mr Casey

The day began in the usual fashion, with us all being awoken by the roosters outside with the blistering African sun streaming through the windows.

Friday was a day that was heightened with excitement.

This was our final day in Woe. This meant some of the best activities were to be experienced. Our group, despite the casualties from sickness marched on to our final day of project work at Woe EP Basic School.

Some of the group began with some teaching and we were excited to teach the pupils subjects from basic multiplication to shapes. Teaching times tables from 1 to 12 went well, the kids were clamouring to write the answers on the board and appeared to enjoy it.

Once the lessons concluded, the whole group joined in on finishing off the perimeter wall for the school.

After this was completed the head teacher, Alan presented us with drumming, dancing, singing and beautiful bracelets in honour of the work we carried out.

A few hours passed and we were given the opportunity to visit the local lagoon. First we entered a bar on the lagoon which greeted us with some rather awful African pop tunes and many rich Ghanaians dancing. Once we passed through the bar, where some took a drink, we jumped into the wooden boats and zoomed across the water to a swampy island in the middle of the lagoon. This is where we collected shells  and Scott (with a head start) raced Ben to the end of the island and with a shove to Ben, Scott emerged victorious.

On the bus back we broke out into a song, patriotically singing Flower of Scotland at the top of our lungs with our driver Paul pushing the horn as the beat.

Shorty after, we took part in a drumming lesson which Livingstone lead which was fun.

The night concluded with a bonfire which everyone crowded around, enjoying again some Ghanaian chart music. The bonfire raged on until late and with everyone tired, we went to our rooms, only Struan remained, again working on his private project.

At the end of the night, the preacher returned searching the compound for any life to rant about Jesus and Malta.

He found only Struan, who then rushed to our room to safety, with this Friday was complete.