Day 6 – Josh

29th June 2017 Off By Mr Casey

Both groups – minus Miss Little and those who were feeling ill – spent an hour and a half at the Rhema project making bricks this morning. Luckily it was cool today and the work was done in the shade.

Then, we all got the bus to Woe EP for the interschool competition, an annual event which four local schools participate in. They were judged on many things such as dancing, singing, poetry and drama. We stayed there for two and a half hours before heading back to the volunteer house for lunch.

After lunch, we chose our fabrics and the local seamstress visited to take our measurement for our clothes. Most girls chose dresses or skirts, while most boys chose shorts. The seamstress will make the clothes over the next few days so we can get them before we leave.

Most of the group then went to the beach for the afternoon, while Scott, Struan, Kay, Mr Casey and I visited the local hospital to give them some donations we brought with us. We were shown round the hospital and spent a good while in the maternity ward talking to nurses and patients. It was a shock to us all to see the differences between hospitals at home and in Ghana, however we were soon told that the hospital was actually very advanced for the area and the country.

Before dinner, a local teacher visited the volunteer house to teach us about marriage in Ghana. Marriage and family is very important in Ghana. The teacher covered many different aspects of Ghanaian marriage including how it worked in the past with arranged marriages, how marriage and proposal works in Ghana today, what items are common as dowry and polygamous marriage – in Ghana men can marry many women and have as many children as they can afford.

Definitely looking forward to a good nights sleep before another day at the projects tomorrow.