Day 5 – Iona

28th June 2017 Off By Mr Casey

Another early start (yet again). After a night of drama with the tunes on in the room and Julia’s bug bite camera log going great, we piled out for breakfast. Topped up the suncream then off to our first normal day at Rhema school. After turning up ready to teach them how to tell the time, Kate and I ended up doing the equivalent to Nat5 fractions work (pretty sure we were doing it wrong but oh well). Construction work in the 30+ degree sun was a challenge but 6 bags of cement and around 150 bricks later, we got to go for a well needed shower around half 2.

All clean and sparkly and ready for a chilled strole to the beach (or so we thought). 45 minute walk to the beach resulted in us all needing another shower. Although, Rachel, KG and I went for a paddle in the sea which turned into a near death experience and being soaked from head to toe…it definitely cooled us down. Just another hour walk until we reach the old homestead and dinner!!

CHIPS!!!!! Chips and tomato sauce for dinner after a 2 hour walk in the heat…what more could you want. Then just a chilled night went on with our best jokes getting thrown out there (Jambo’s Jesus joke was an absolute belter). After seconds of chips, we headed off to bed around half 10 ready for the 2nd well needed shower of the day. Our 10000 degree room and solid, mosquito net covered beds sounded like heaven after our tiring (but absolute class) day in the Ghanaian sun 🙂