Day 4 – Amy

27th June 2017 Off By Mr Casey

Monday morning. As people at home roll out of bed dreading the first day of the working week, we awoke from our cosy sleep to the sound of pattering rain outside. Thankfully this delayed our breakfast of egg and leftover sardine sandwiches (believe it or not, this tasted better than it sounded) which gave us some extra time to tackle the issue of frizz! Following that (with suncream and bug spray well applied) we distributed ourselves between two schools: Rema and Woe E.P Basic school – this was where I went. Our team, led by Ben and Miss Little (the birthday girl – happy birthday Miss!!) made the sweaty walk to the school.

When we arrived we were sat in front of the pupils and teachers, and greeted with some drumming and dancing – which we are now pros at! It was a public holiday today so there were only a small fraction of the school who turned up. Therefore we spent the morning doing some construction (shovelling sand and mixing cement then using that to build a wall around the school) and playing with the children. Two teeny, adorable girls in particular became our best friends and just wanted to be cuddled. The children also loved doing handshakes, singing songs and doing arm-wrestles – they all made fun of our lack of muscle. We stopped for lunch which was the long awaited Red-Red and plantain, and it did not disappoint. Also the pineapple here is amazing!

After our day at the school we returned to the volunteer house, and to our clammy room – due to the fact that our ceiling-fan had broken (replaced with a very dodgy plug-in one) However the miracle who is Rebecca found the hidden switch behind our bed which made the fan work again, and saved us all! Wooo!

Now was time for the Ewe lesson, which was interesting and very funny. Even trying to sound out the alphabet was a challenge with all the different sounds. However after the teacher left, a little boy insisted on giving me a private lesson and spent a good hour going over the vocabulary and explaining everything over and over again. He was so sweet and patient, and now I am fluent in Ewe!

Dinner was rice and red stew which is so yummy -it’s kind of like spicy chilli. We were also treated to a mango smoothie drink. After this, Ben taught Struan and I how to play a very, very long Ghanaian game with pebbles. I lost by a long shot!

Soon after we snuggled down in our mosquito-netted beds for a good nights sleep…

Lots of love to everyone back home. Sending hugs and kisses from Ghana xxx