Day 3 – Ross

26th June 2017 Off By Mr Casey

Alright boys, it’s Tubs.

I’ve gladly volunteered to write this blog of day 3 and am naming it “Day of Spirit”. Why you ask? The answer will soon become clear. We started with a decent breakfast, as always, and it was an early trek down the road to the local church.

I’m not a religious person but the way and things that the pastor said/shouted at the top of his lungs, were really inspiring. He spoke of becoming a better person and that everything you want to do comes from you yourself. The interludes of music were also an extremely interesting affair. The pastor went on to speak of the sins of flesh and every now and then would scream, “Tell the person next to you….”. The phrases extended from, “We welcome you,” to “RECEIVE HELP”

And yes of course, this was definitely directed mostly in Miss Little’s direction. What a surprise eh? Ha ha ha.

After singing and praying, we strolled back to the volunteer house. During the chill time, I thought it would be a good idea to construct the paper gliders bought from Poundland (guess how much for?) and ohhhh it was! Hours of fun!

Time passed and as we sat…ate pringles….listened to tunes….and best of all…ENGAGED IN CLASS BANTER! I heard drumming? Was this withdrawal symptoms? Fortunately it wasn’t!

A cultural performance of singing, drumming and dancing!

It was amazing, it truly showed the spirit of these people and that with not much, they are still always smiling, laughing and dancing. This day has truly let us appreciate what life is like in Ghana and it’s absolutely amazing!

After dinner, ( and usman’s plate of rice) , we played a lifelong game of Trivial Pursuit, we jumped in to bed and slept allll night!

Bring on tomorrow! X