Day 2 – Kirsty

25th June 2017 Off By Mr Casey

Where to start, this morning I didn’t even know what day it was! I woke up to a soaking top and a towel tangled round my legs, I then remembered where I was and was not so confused. I bounced out of bed and hopped over to Rachel and Emma’s bed and shouted ‘wake upppppp’, they were not so amused at my hyperness (yes, I made up another word) they aren’t really morning people. Although being first up and hyper as per, the girls began to wake. I let each of them shower first and attempted to wait patiently, by the time it was my long awaited turn the water was not coming out the shower head so I awkwardly crouched as I made an effort to wash myself under the tap. I felt clean and buzzing, though shortly after did not because of how bloody warm it actually is, it’s pure muggy. I sorted my stuff and trailed down the stairs ready to show the excitement of the fact we are actually in GHANA !! I sat at the table for breakfast, head of the table off course. I was given a packet of chocolate energy stuff which tasted like hot chocolate and added to my rush of pure excitement.

After sharing some of my energy with everyone I walked onto the back of a luxurious mini bus and squeezed in the middle seat of the girls, we set of for the mall. The motorway was mental, people were actually just strolling up and down trying to sell things through the car windows, would you see that at home, (read in a slow paced sort of high pitched voice) probbbbbbbablyyyy notttt. One guy tried relentlessly to get one of the girls, (well it could have been the boys to) on the bus to kiss the window back as he passionately kissed and tongued it, funny but minging. If that happened at home it would seem creepy but here, absolutely hilarious tbh.

We arrived at the mall. I tripped of the bus as I decided it would be cool to wear quite thick, flare trousers. Considering how much of a calamity Jayne I am I probs shoulda re thought the trousers. I nervously took out some cedi from the hole in the wall and proceeded to the shop to treat myself to some sweets and water. The sweets were class #ghanathings. I got back on the bus and got ready for the 3 and a half hours to get us to the volunteer house, the tunes were on we were having a sing song, loving life, waving to the community’s as we passed and taking everything in. The journey was extremely bumpy and there were so many random bumps in the road but little did we know the bus was about to get … A FLAT TYRE. Out we piled onto the side of the road as Ben, Livingston and some other dude started to change it, we waited. I tried to amuse myself by talking to some goats which obviously worked as I apparently have the mental age of an 8 year old say my fellow trip companions.

We arrived. Greeted by a group of smiling faces taking our bags for us ( on their heads !!!) and showing us the way. Later that night I introduced myself to the other school that we are staying with, hadn’t been here long we were all sitting expecting nothing then darkness, the lights had gone out, it was class. It rained too and when that happens at home people run and scream while frantically trying to get somewhere dry whereas here we all just stood, getting soaked while watching the stars. I headed to bed to get a long awaited shower, my luck yet again it wasn’t coming out properly, it came out in a dribble considering how thick my hair is, it took a while. After my shower I no joke felt unreal. I climbed under my midgy net, listened to the cricket things and fell asleep.

Buzzing for what the next day would bring.