Day 1 – Struan

25th June 2017 Off By Mr Casey

After our luggage had been handed in and we had been through security we made our way to board the flight. The flights itself went by very fast but was a little bumpy: we got cake and a cup of water for breakfast on board. Mid way through, Ross came up with a game where if you can guess the number someone is thinking, they have to do a pre decided forfeit to a sleeping Mr Connolly. After going through the row unsuccessfully, he asked miss little to just go do it, and with no convincing required she agreed. So Miss Little got up, walked over to Mr Connolly and gave him a wet willy. Definitely going bto be one of the highlights of the trip!

We were in Amsterdam for about 4 hours after a slight delay with our flight. On the 6 hour flight for dinner with a black bean sauce and rice, although the quality of the chicken was questionable, although this didn’t stop me having 3 full portions…for desert it was profiteroles, again I cleared up, having 5 portions!

Later on in the flight we were given out our supper. Either a savoury cheese quiche or a sweet cinnamon bun. Immigration in Accra was a totally different experience to any other airport. We had to fill out forms before we were allowed to pass the immigration desks. Coming through we were check for signs of Ebola with heat sensors scanning us. Out of the airport we met our African Adventures guides, Ben & Livingston. They took us to our bus; during this walk were asked be everyone who passed us if we wanted them to carry our cases for us. Overall, one of the more tense airport experiences!

The hotel we arrived at was surprisingly good! Our room even had air conditioning, however soon after we arrived the power in all the rooms went out. This led to a handy torch & water bottle lamp being used. There was no hot running water however, so a cold shower it is tomorrow.

Definitely looking forward to a good nights sleep!