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Social Media Event

We are sorry to announce that the Social Media event for Parents on Thursday 5th March has been cancelled, letters were issued to S2/3 pupils today and a copy can be downloaded here.

Social Media Letters

A letter regarding safe use of Social Media was recently distributed to all pupils in S1-S3 and included information regarding pupil assemblies and a Parents' Information Evening. Copies of the letters are available below.

S1 Letter

S2 & S3 Letter

Upper School Options Choices

Information relating to S4-S5 and S5-S6 Options Chocies has now been updated and is available on the Options Choices Information page of our school website.



DTP/Men C and MMR immunisations are taking place on Wednesday 18th Feb.

All S3 pupils and some pupils in S4/5/6 are to receive the DTP and Men C immunisation. In addition there are pupils in S1-5 who are to receive their MMR immunisation.

Further information will be given to pupils during period 1 on Tuesday 17th Feb and timings will be on display on the LCDs around the school on Tuesday at lunch and all day Wednesday.



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